Aria Solus

A female Elven Druid.


Aria Solus, or the “Song of the Mourning Sun”, was named as such after local refugees from the Great Southern purge witnessed the murder of a group of mercenaries at the hands of the young elf.

Aria and her older brother, young refugees were fleeing the encroaching war when they were accosted by the mercenaries. The sun was rising in the sky and shadows were fleeing in the dawn light of the forrest path. Her brother, a bard, tried to defend her virtue and cut off the nose of the mercenary leader. Their attention diverted, they turned their wrath on the boy. They forced him to sing while flaying his skin from the feet up. As tears rolled down his face his cries of agony intermingled with his song. His was a hauntingly beautiful voice. She lay stunned as she watch the life slowly leave her brother’s eyes. His soul flew his body and the last verse was left unfinished. A great silence hung over the encampment.

As if breaking from a trance, she began to sing at the exact place where her brother left off, starting quietly and then bellowing the last line of the song as a war cry. It is said to those that were there that her voice carried a sorrowfull power balanced by the most nightmarish of horrors imaginable – and unimagined. In that briefest of moments, all the mercenaries were vanquished by the young girls bare hands.

It was said by those that witnessed the slaughter that it was as if an invisible hand led her in a dance most horrible and majestic as she dispatched the mercenaries. It was as if all were statues, and she was a great spirit winding her way through the them.

It is also said that when she was done with her dance she quietly and slowly moved to the mercenary leader and removed his scimitar, looked back only once, showing a great smile betraying a vapid emptiness – if such a thing can be imagined. Without saying a word she stepped off the refugee path and into the great forrest of the Northern Reach.

In a score of years she has never been seen, but souls brave enough to venture into the great forrest sometimes return with stories of a great and sorrowful song seeming to emanate from the deepest parts of the forrest. This song tells the story of innocence lost and a great pain, and of a revenge most delectable. The song is only heard as nightfall moves aside for the dawn of the sun. This song is know as the “Song of the Mourning Sun” after the name of the young girl who sang it years ago.

Aria Solus

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