A female male Drow Thief.


Xuna is the daughter of a poor baker in the outskirts of the Drow city of Ched. Her mother always wanted her to follow in her footsteps, but her adventurous spirit kept her mind far from her craft.

At the age of 13 while exploring some ruins near her village she happened across a small cavern that she was barely able to squeeze into. Inside she found an artifact of her Drow ancestors. Eager to show her Mother she raced back home. She had no idea she had just desecrated the grave of a king of old.

Upon inspection her Mother recognized the artifact by it’s markings, and in a anger filled panic dragged her daughter off to the authorities to confess her crime. Little did they know that the authorities had been eagerly tracking down grave robbers in the area. After presenting the artifact to Commander Rajo of the guard it was decided to make an example of this crime. Xuna and her mother were informed that the crime was punishable by death. Faced with the loss of her only child, she did the one thing she could to save her. She admitted guilt for the crime, and was executed in front of the town & daughter the following morning.

Over the next 10 years Xuna had to make her way alone never forgetting what Commander Rajo had done to her. She learned the ways of the street, and how to get what she wanted with a sharp wit & a gift for stretching the truth. What she couldn’t get with talk she would steal with finesse, but the guard did not take so kindly to her ways. They issued an order for her capture with a very generous reward. Isolated and an outlaw Xuna fled the city she once called home to find new opportunities.

The last 3 years have been spent moving from town to town, and perfecting her skills. For one day she will return to her birth town and take revenge on those who robbed her of her childhood.


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